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Birchwood Pinchpoint

Project value: £5m

Sector: Infrastructure

Social value generated: £46,719

Considerate Constructors Scheme Score: 40/50

School Pupils Engaged: 366

No. Work Experience Days: 93

Work Experience Opportunities: 6

Feasibility: 5 weeks

Preconstruction: 7 weeks

Construction: 40 weeks

The feedback has been absolutely fabulous."

Philip Cox

Chief Executive | Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership

Birchwood Park, a thriving business park in Warrington, needed improved infrastructure to ease potential traffic congestion and create a more economically appealing area for businesses, visitors and residents.


The underlying aim of the project was to improve network reliability and resilience along the A574 Birchwood Way corridor in order to help enhance the attractiveness of Birchwood as a primary destination for inward investment and to support the Birchwood Enterprise Zone.

The project was funded by Warrington Borough Council, the Cheshire and Warrington Growth Deal, and a contribution from the owners of Birchwood Park.

The project focused on three key junctions to increase road capacity and improve road safety. The project incorporated a new bus only link with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras to help improve the efficiency of bus services between Birchwood rail station and the employment park. Footpaths and cycle routes were also upgraded for the benefit of residents and commuters.

The success of the Phase 1 project has led to Growth Deal funding being awarded for a phase 2 project which will start in 2019. The Birchwood Pinchpoint project has generated £2.4m local spend, which in conjunction with the new improvements has been a real boost for the local economy.

This was the first of several major transport projects that are due to be delivered in Warrington. This will help to support the town’s ambitious growth agenda with over 24,000 new homes and over 20,000 jobs planned over the next 20 years.

Balfour Beatty was appointed via the National Civil Engineering and Infrastructure framework to deliver these important schemes.

The aim of the project was to reduce road congestion in east Warrington to improve commuting times, increase the reliability of local bus services and allow pedestrians and cyclists to safely and easily cross the A574.

The client wanted to make the area more economically appealing for businesses, visitors and residents to boost the local economy and support the city's agenda for investment, regeneration and growth.

The project has successfully:

  • Reduced peak hour congestion by 19%, equivalent of 85 weeks of one vehicle continuously waiting.
  • Improved accessibility for buses, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Reduced carbon emissions from standing traffic.
  • Enhanced the long-term attractiveness of this regional employment site.
  • Improved the reliability of bus services between north and south Birchwood.


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Social value generated


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