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Flood risk management

Adapt your infrastructure to protect your communities from the rising risk of flooding – from rivers, sea, surface water and coastal erosion - due to climate change.

Act now to protect your communities from the rising risk of flooding due to climate change.

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Flood prevention

The Environment Agency predict that in less than 50 years, the number of homes at risk of flooding is set to double to five million.

As temperatures rise, we need to adapt and protect our built and natural infrastructure to mitigate increased flood risks.

Rising sea levels, severe weather, and extreme rainfall, driven by climate change, all contribute to increased risks of flooding. This risk is further amplified by increasing urbanisation, the loss of vegetation in upland areas, and the natural erosion of water courses and coastlines.

The development of both natural and engineered flood defence measures is essential. In 2019, and updated in 2021, the Environment Agency reported that every £1 we invest in flood protection schemes saves £5 in property damages.

Our Civil Engineering framework can support the delivery of the design and build of innovative, cost efficient coastal and river flood defences.

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Flood defences for the future

Download A Climate Emergency; Flood Defences for the Future report, written by SCAPE in collaboration with Civil Engineering framework delivery partner Balfour Beatty.