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Constructing the Gold Standard

We are proud to be part of the Constructing Excellence Task Force for Constructing the Gold Standard, improving the quality of public sector procurement frameworks and putting the Construction Playbook into practice.

Constructing the Gold Standard is an integrated and collaborative verification scheme, designed to improve value, reduce risk and achieve net zero through frameworks. Continuing our work to drive efficiency and best practice across the built environment, our involvement in the Task Force will help raise the standards of public sector procurement.

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What is Constructing the Gold Standard?

Constructing the Gold Standard, or the Gold Standard, is a new set of quality management criteria against which new and existing public procurement frameworks can be reviewed to ensure they achieve and improve upon the highest standards of operation and delivery. 

The Gold Standard has been developed by Professor David Mosey CBE, following his recommendations in “An Independent Review of Public Sector Construction Frameworks” - a review commissioned by the Cabinet Office to evaluate whether frameworks are creating value and efficiency. It forms a key part of the UK Government’s policy on construction procurement, and builds on the principles of the Construction Playbook.

Its focus is on procurement with a much greater weighting on quality rather than price, which will discourage race to the bottom tendering. It advocates for addressing social value and sustainability, and embracing safer, smarter, digitised, and more collaborative project delivery - many of the principles and practices SCAPE has embedded into framework procurement and management for over a decade.

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Why Constructing the Gold Standard is important for public sector procurement

Improving the outcomes delivered through frameworks

The Gold Standard consists of 24 recommendations designed to drive best practice and consistency through public sector framework processes, contracting and management approaches.

Each recommendation is accompanied by a set of detailed actions to support its practical delivery and implementation.

The recommendations have been made to improve outcomes in areas such as building safety and information, risk management, collaborative delivery, sustainability and supply chain engagement.

This will give public sector organisations greater clarity on how construction frameworks generate the long-term opportunities that are needed for enhanced value, efficiency and community legacy.

For supply chain partners and local SMEs, it will provide greater certainty of pipelines, as it encourages more transparency of programmes of work and opportunities for engagement - with Early Supply Chain Involvement (ESI) strongly advocated for throughout.

Building on the foundations of existing good practice, such as the attributes of the National Association of Construction Frameworks (NACF) membership, The Gold Standard is the first watermark for the procurement and management of frameworks.

Benefits of Gold Standard frameworks

  • Encourage continuous improvement and collaboration

  • Deliver higher standards of building safety and efficiency

  • Facilitate collaborative delivery through early contractor involvement

  • Unlock cleaner, greener construction approaches

  • Create long-term value for your community

  • Accelerate decarbonisation

  • Drive innovation and the use of digital technology

We are proud to be part of the Constructing the Gold Standard Task Force, joining other reputable public contracting authorities to improve the procurement and management of construction frameworks for clients. As a local government owned, not for profit company, we have always championed value efficiency and collaborative delivery. The Gold Standard elevates this approach and challenges us all to keep improving.

Mark Robinson

SCAPE Group Chief Executive

When can framework providers become Gold Standard verified?

From 1st November 2023, public sector framework providers have been able to declare their intent and apply to begin the official verification process.

Being verified as a Gold Standard framework requires a framework provider to submit comprehensive evidence to show that they meet or exceed the the its criteria. If improvements are needed, they should create a clear action plan detailing how and when these will be achieved.

Successful framework providers could become Gold Standard verified from Spring 2024.

SCAPE and Constructing the Gold Standard

We are proud to be part of the Gold Standard pilot initiative, which launched on the 1st of November 2023.

Our team is committed to applying the principles of Constructing the Gold Standard and pursuing verification at the earliest opportunity.

As a quality mark, achieving The Gold Standard will help us demonstrate the value of our ongoing work to deliver continuous improvement and shared learning.

In pursing the Gold Standard verification, we have referenced a number of collaborative initiatives, including:

  • Our programme of strategic projects and continuous improvement in our frameworks
    This is recognised as highly progressive and our collaborative model encourages shared improvement across our contractors. We facilitate collaborative partnerships that are at the forefront of the agendas for ethical labour, social value and reducing carbon and waste in construction.

  • Our involvement as a long-standing member of the National Association of Construction Frameworks (NACF)
    The NACF
    is a collaborative partnership between public sector framework organisations which predates both the Gold Standard and the Construction Playbook, but whose joining requirements are closely aligned to their key recommendations. The NACF community, which SCAPE is a part of, has pioneered much of the good practice which has been adopted in the Gold Standard, and we continue to design our frameworks in partnership with our public sector colleagues.

  • Our membership of Constructing Excellence
    Constructing Excellence, the organisation which is managing the Gold Standard verification process, provides a highly reputable space for members to share good practice and innovation. We have played a role in this and a number of other collaborative forums dedicated to driving improvement and raising the standards in construction, including the UK Green Building Council and Build UK.

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