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Social value

Our approach to social value

Discover how we can help you to deliver social value through your projects.

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What is social value?

Social value is the creation of supportive environmental, economic and social wellbeing through buildings, places and infrastructure that improves the quality of life.

The Social Value Act 2012 'requires the public sector to ensure the money it spends on services creates the greatest economic, social and environmental value for local communities.'

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More than just metrics

Every built environment project should consider social value as a means to provide strong, sustainable legacies for your communities, your economy, your local businesses, and the environment.

Ethical supply chain treatment, sustainable delivery and community enrichment are equally important to us as time, cost, and quality; these are the drivers for all of our work.

Themes, Outcomes and Measures

We’re a founding member of the National Social Value Taskforce and, in partnership with Social Value Portal, helped to develop the Social Value TOM System.

The TOM System is a set of economic, social and environmental performance measures that underpin every project.

To give you everything you need to evidence the true impact and success of your built environment projects, we rigorously measure the TOM System as part of your actively managed framework, and report on your performance.

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Collaborating with the industry

Our ethos of collaboration is demonstrated in our commitment to working in partnership with industry-leading organisations to drive change, and define social value best practice within the built environment.

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Protecting the environment

We’re committed to protecting the environment through sustainable best practice in construction, and the wider built environment. We unite project delivery with social value and sustainability to not only help you to define, design, and deliver your net zero carbon aspirations, but also create healthier, safer and more resilient communities with local economic outcomes on every project.

Social value & SMEs

Since 2006, we have invested into worthwhile community projects that have benefitted people in communities across the UK.

SMEs are vital to our economy, and we actively create opportunities for SMEs and microbusinesses to grow and thrive, through our social value initiatives. Through our frameworks, the supply chain is paid on time and in full, so that they can invest in their businesses, train, hire and expand - keeping the pound local and supporting your local economy.

Social value in action

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Embed social value into your construction

We’re dedicated to driving industry change, and social value best practice within the built environment. Contact us to get your construction project started today.