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Biodiversity net gain

Natural capital

Natural capital means treating our natural environment, biodiversity and habitats as assets that can support sustainable communities. As the value of natural resources grows, we can provide dedicated habitat creation projects and ensure your project includes biodiversity net gain.

Biodiversity net gain is a key performance metric, which is promoted and supported across all projects. Through our procurement, we specify clear commitments to biodiversity net gain on our Construction frameworks.

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Enhancing natural infrastructure

Our framework delivery partners have been selected because of their ability to consistently demonstrate and achieve quality management to the highest standards. This allows us to offer you the ability to deliver carbon offsetting solutions to support your project’s carbon ambitions.

Our Environmental Policy enables the delivery of the outcomes required for a net zero UK built environment. Our framework procurement provides a supply chain capable of designing net zero buildings (ahead of the 2025 road map identified by the RIBA and LETI) and constructing net zero buildings, ahead of the 2030 requirement.

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Our Environmental Policy

Read more about our approach to environmental sustainability

Frameworks to protect natural capital

From our approach to office management, procurement and performance management, right through to delivery, we are committed to ensuring that everything we do forms a part of our response to the climate emergency.

Our partners can support you in the delivery of natural capital, as part of your construction projects, or as the sole purpose of an investment.

Projects to deliver natural infrastructure are becoming increasingly important as we rebalance our impact on the environment. Biodiversity net gain is a key performance metric of our frameworks and is promoted and supported across all SCAPE projects.

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Recommended project standards

Discover our recommended environmental project standards.