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Constructing Excellence Conference 2024

The Constructing Excellence Annual Conference is a pivotal gathering of decision-makers in the Constructing Excellence Movement and the wider construction industry.

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24th January 2024
09:00 - 16:00

BMA House, London

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For the Public Sector and Private Sector

The 2024 conference, themed "Delivering Tomorrow Today: Act Now for a Better Future," will address critical issues we face in the construction industry.

In this conference, speakers will discuss cutting-edge practices that tackle climate change, skill shortages, inflation and building safety. Discussions will focus on insights from those who have already implemented them powerful change. With the aim to understand and leverage the leadership demonstrated by these individuals.

The panel will highlight a range of best practices aligned with our theme groups such as Future Climate, Procurement, Performance Measurement, Manufacturing & Technology.

This event will bring together prominent thought leaders and practitioners who are driving tangible transformations in their respective projects, including Constructing Excellence award winners and members.

Our Performance and Improvement Director, Chris Clarke, will be joining the event as a speaker, contributing valuable insights to panel discussions.

Panel discussions

During the event, there will be four panels who will discuss:

  1. Future Climate - explore how organisations in construction can minimise and mitigate against future climate change.
  2. Future Society - discuss how we shape a better industry for those who work in it.
  3. Future Major Projects - learn the role that Major Projects can play in modelling the future and how that can be transferred more widely across the sector.
  4. Future Delivery - discover the transformative factors that we need to implement to deliver a better future industry.
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Constructing Excellence Conference 2024

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Who you’ll meet

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Chris Clarke
Performance and Improvement Director, SCAPE Group