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Public sector bodies are rightly tasked with achieving maximum value for money from public funds.

That’s exactly what we’re here to deliver and there’s absolutely no barrier preventing contracting authorities in Northern Ireland utilising our frameworks for the delivery of capital projects funded by central government.

By choosing us you’ll be adding speed, quality and certainty into every project you deliver.

We have carved out a strong reputation across the public sector for delivering projects on time, to budget and that create significant social value for local communities.

I’m Garrett Duffy, SCAPE’s business development manager. I’m based on the ground in Northern Ireland and have more than 25 years’ experience of senior project management. I work closely with clients which enables me to understand their unique needs and connect them to experienced industry partners – and I’m here every step of the way from the first meeting to pre-construction all the way to project completion.

Also, our delivery partners are based here in Northern Ireland, namely McLaughlin & Harvey and GRAHAM for construction and FP McCann as relevant providers to Balfour Beatty for civil engineering.

What is SCAPE?

We were established in 2006, under the local government Act 1983. Across the whole of the UK, we’re proud to serve over 1,000 public sector clients and to have completed over 12,000 projects in the 15 years our frameworks have been operating. We are owned and controlled by six local authorities and was established in 2005 under the Local Government Act 2003. As such, we are a public sector Contracting Authority and officially recognised Central Purchasing body.

Why choose SCAPE?

Now, more than ever, it’s important to make clear how our frameworks align with local authorities’ objectives for becoming more sustainable and securing value for money.

Our frameworks aim to deliver:

• Maximum value for money from public funds

• Effective service delivery

• Community wealth building and ensuring local economic benefit from project spend

• Facilitating the inclusion of net zero carbon measures as part of each project

Our frameworks are built around these aims, and our project success criteria is assured through a robust, managed, and compliant process. As local government representatives, we define success in the same way as you. For us, compliance, taxpayer value, sustainable delivery, community benefits, social value and local economic impact are just as important as time, cost, and quality.

In compliance with Public Contracts Regulations, we have appointed market leading partners to deliver successful project outcomes across all frameworks. Our frameworks have pre-set performance requirements which are actively managed to keep your project investment local. Another advantage of using our frameworks is that we uniquely offer a free feasibility study with every project which can be invaluable and demonstrates our commitment to you and your project.

Following a recent review of regulations in Northern Ireland, a well-established, leading legal firm in Northern Ireland did not identify any regulations which would prevent local authorities in the engagement of SCAPE frameworks. On that basis, public sector bodies are freely able to access our frameworks in the same way as those of any other similar public sector framework provider.

If you would like to learn more about our frameworks or talk about your project needs then you can contact me at

Kick start your project with SCAPE and book a meeting with Garrett

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Written by:

Garrett Duffy
Business Development Manager (Northern Ireland)