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Learning at work week


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This week is Learning at Work Week 2021 with the theme “Made for learning”.

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Campaign for Learning, who have developed Learning at Work Week, talk about how, as humans, we have huge capacity to learn throughout our lifetimes and about the importance of connection and community to empower people and create dynamic organisations.

Human = learning

We learn constantly, adapting our understanding and behaviours, building on what we already know and can do.

Human = curiosity

Lifelong and life-wide learning brings many benefits. We gain new ideas, knowledge and skills for work. We can follow our passions and use learning to achieve our aspirations and goals. As active, curious learners we are more likely to be healthier and happier and more financially secure.

Human = connecting

By connecting with others, we take learnings that enrich our lives. We can share our talents and skills, discover different perspectives and understand better how our organisations work. We can create networks that sustain learning, encourage collaboration and enhance the skills and knowledge in our organisation and work communities.


At SCAPE, we’re committed to the lifelong learning and continual development of our colleagues. From apprenticeships to MAs and professional qualifications and classroom to on-the-job learning, we support and encourage our employees’ career development.

Tom Dearman, who started his career at SCAPE as an apprentice, recently talked about his experience and how it’s helped him secure a permanent full-time role. Tom has carved a successful career path and now six years later, is an integral part of our Marketing team, supporting a variety of campaigns and initiatives across the Group, and working with internal and external stakeholders, suppliers and partners.

Hamzah Ahmed, a structural engineer with Arc Partnership is also learning at work, to achieve his career ambitions.

“It can be a challenge balancing work, education and leisure but it’s all worth it on the path to becoming a Chartered Structural Engineer.”

Hamzah Ahmed

Whilst qualifications are essential to underpin specific professional knowledge and theory, these are just one way in which we all learn and develop. Another effective way to learn is on the job, and through informal interactions and activities with each other.

Mark Robinson, our chief executive is an advocate of lifelong learning and encourages all of us at SCAPE to develop and grow. We’ve incorporated learning into everything we do, with personal development plans and a new Leadership Development Programme, to nurture and develop talent across our organisation.

In the past 12 months, we’ve had six colleagues complete a new qualification and more than 10 begin one, either on the job or in the classroom, including Professional Practice in Architecture (Part 3) qualifications, Level 5 HR CIPD, and a Master’s in Public Procurement Law.

Well done to everyone – keep on learning!