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National Minor Works - Raising the Bar


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Since our partnership with SCAPE started in 2011, we’ve completed over 600 projects across a range of sectors and in the first six months of this new framework, we’ve started working on 49 more schemes.

A key part of this new framework is that the threshold of the projects that we work on has now been raised.

We can now deliver schemes of up to £4m, which really increases the scope of the work we can offer. Almost half of these new projects are in the education sector, which is perhaps down to the growing demand for pupil places and need for improved education facilities.

While a significant proportion of our work on this framework is on education schemes, we are delivering projects in a number of other sectors, including defence, health and blue light services, to name a few.

It’s this diverse portfolio which really demonstrates how procuring schemes through the SCAPE National Minor Works framework can meet the different needs of many clients. Whether it’s a school looking for better facilities, or a local authority needing expanded healthcare amenities, SCAPE frameworks can help get their projects on site quickly, tailor delivery to meet specific client needs, whilst also developing in a socially responsible manner.

Since we started on the new framework, we’ve continued to work collaboratively with local workforces and spend locally wherever we can.

This has resulted in almost half of our workforce living within 20 miles of our sites, while almost 70% of our project spend is within 40 miles of our projects.

This commitment also means we use SMEs as much as we can on schemes and so far, 92% of suppliers we’ve worked with have been SME subcontractors.

Michael Edwards, Kier

We are currently on site delivering a £3.6m extension to Leighton Middle School through Central Bedfordshire Council and we’ll also be starting work later this year on a £3m scheme delivering sports facilities, as well as building a new £3m restaurant in London.

The next quarter of this framework promises to be just as diverse and exciting, as we continue working with SCAPE to provide the most effective service and completed projects for our clients.


Written by:

Michael Edwards
Kier Framework Director