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Social value: a shared responsibility at the heart of all we do

Robertson Social Value A shared responsibility


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Social value creation and community enhancement are at the heart of everything we do at SCAPE. It’s our ambition to create spaces and places that leave a strong sustainable legacy and bring benefits to the local economy, our communities and the environment.

We believe that built environment projects should create opportunities for local communities, generate jobs, provide stability for small businesses and include an environmental commitment. It's our shared responsibility to be environmentally, ethically and socially conscious and we’re proud to work collaboratively with our delivery partners to create better places.

Robertson, our SCAPE SCOTLAND Construction delivery partner, recently published its 2030 Responsible Business Strategy, which aligns with our social and environmental objectives, reflected in the framework commitments.

Positioned under three key themes; Our People, Our Partners and Our Planet, Robertson’s 2030 vision is designed to “enhance the lives of others, positively contribute towards communities and become a ‘climate positive’ business.”

By setting out its 2030 vision, Robertson is aiming to achieve:

  • Our People: By 2030, Robertson will have enhanced the lives of 10,000 people, by creating work placements and job opportunities, and by supporting apprenticeships, upskilling and new qualifications.
  • Our Partners: 2030, Robertson will have created £1 billion of social value, by enhancing lives and spending locally in the areas where its projects are and with social enterprises, microbusinesses and SMEs.
  • Our Planet: By 2030, Robertson will move beyond being a carbon neutral business to become ‘climate positive’, generating zero emissions from its offices, commercial fleet and construction sites within its operational control. Robertson will, create a net biodiversity gain on projects and become carbon positive without increasing its offsetting.

Social value is integral to our approach at SCAPE and working together with our Team SCAPE delivery partners, we’re committed to finding a better way to elevate and deliver social value outcomes.

We’re thrilled to see Robertson and other framework delivery partners publicly set out their objectives that will help us all achieve this; taking one step closer to creating a world everyone deserves.