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As the framework enters its final year, I am delighted to announce that we have now started the procurement process for the replacement framework with a regional focus, which will build on the success of the previous framework.

Getting the framework model right is of paramount importance, to ensure that optimum value can be delivered for the public sector.

Therefore, the development of this framework has, like all of our procurement activities, been conducted in consultation with a mix of local authority officers, adjacent regional framework operators, our shareholders and the delivery marketplace to help shape the scale and scope of the framework.

Our research has revealed that for this framework, clients would prefer to retain a multi-lot approach that is divided into appropriate, overlapping value bands to retain a level of choice.

However, it revealed that the current structure needed to be reviewed, with the focus on reducing the number of sub-regions in order to simplify the offer, and importantly to ensure that the sizes of the lots are commercially attractive to secure highly competitive bids and optimum rates for achieving value for the public sector.

At the same time, we want to ensure that the local supply chain continues to reap the same commercial and developmental benefits they have enjoyed over the last four years.

John Simons, Strategic Procurement Manager

As a part of our research and evaluation process, it was also established that the Smarte East regional framework, which expired in 2015 will not be re-procured by the regional alliance.

As a public sector organisation, we are committed to ensuring that we offer a robust mix of services to clients and are confident that our rigorous framework, client and performance management processes will drive incremental levels of socio-economic value for public bodies in and around East of England.

The proposed configuration of the Regional Construction framework and indicative timetable can be found via our Live Procurement Portal.

Market Awareness Events

In order to secure the best possible outcome for our clients, SCAPE will seek to secure construction services from a strong and diverse mix of contractors, supported by a highly skilled local supply chain. We will be hosting a series of market awareness events in March.

Pre-registration for these events can be completed here

We are extremely excited to be able to offer even more choice to our clients across this expanded region.