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The power of an apprenticeship - #NAW2019

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The benefits of an apprenticeship in any sector are multi-faceted, offering the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and qualifications whilst earning a wage, with invaluable access to industry professionals and their knowledge along the way.

Apprenticeships in construction have been influential in dispelling myths about the industry to the younger generation, who can build practical experience and knowledge across a diverse range of disciplines. Construction isn’t just about laying bricks - it can lead to varied roles extending through to sustainability and social value.

By engaging in apprenticeships, employers demonstrate a commitment to upskilling a new workforce, with a fresh talent pool, with new ideas and skill sets.

Danielle Hayward-Nightingale

Development Manager, SCAPE

Employers who value the power of apprenticeships and training programmes also encourage the development and retention of talent, nurturing younger people to become the leaders of the future. Being part of Team SCAPE as a Graduate Business Manager, I have experienced this first-hand.

The construction sector as a whole can also make huge gains through apprenticeships. The fresh flow of talent enabled by apprenticeships are another way to address the skills shortage, especially where a lack of diversity has been identified.

SCAPE have a steadfast commitment to inspiring and empowering our future leaders in construction. Together with our delivery partners, we’re proud to have enabled 27,000 full time apprentice hours, 7,000 work experience placements and 30,000 school visits, which means we’ve introduced over 92,000 young people to the construction sector (and counting).

The blend between apprenticeships, graduate programmes, and upskilling the current workforce mixes backgrounds and enhances diversity - shaping the strengths of the individual, their wider teams and employer.