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The Power of Partnerships


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By Ross Crowcroft, Pre-Construction Director at Clegg Construction

Clegg Construction

Over the 90 plus years that Clegg Construction has been contributing to – and enhancing - the UK’s built environment, one of the most powerful things we've learned is the significant benefits that strong partnerships can yield. Based on trust, openness, and a shared commitment to meeting, and exceeding expectations, these relationships are the cornerstone to our operations.

We take great pleasure in working with clients and wider project teams who truly embrace a thoroughly collective mindset when it comes to the delivery of construction and refurbishment schemes. The benefits of this joined-up approach are vast and tend to quickly manifest themselves across all stages and facets of project delivery - from pipeline and programme certainty and familiarity with systems and processes, to long-term relationship building and the empowerment of project teams.

When each person involved in the delivery of a project fully understands the value of their respective contributions both individually and as a team, this promotes a highly interactive working environment in which stakeholders feel empowered in proactively suggesting and discussing new ideas in the name of continuous improvement.

Performance Indicators provide a real-time dashboard and support the delivery of objectives whilst providing a benchmark for improvement. This is particularly critical for projects that operate a series of projects in a pipeline, as is the case with client, Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO).

SCAPE and its partners have had a successful partnership with DIO for several years, and Clegg is proud to be on its second term working with this fascinating and highly complex arm of the Ministry of Defence. We undertake a range of construction and refurbishment schemes across live RAF air bases in the East of England and since being appointed to the third generation of SCAPE's Regional Construction Framework in 2018 (and re-selected for the fourth generation this summer), the company has worked closely with SCAPE, DIO and United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) to ensure that mission-critical workstreams are prioritised and undertaken flexibly to ensure no disruption to continuing operations on and off site.

Established to facilitate collaborative conversations between contracts and clients, the SCAPE framework provides its growing number of members with the most flexible, dynamic, and highly efficient route to market with a selection of partner contractors per region. Whether a client has a standalone scheme or, like DIO, a series of workstreams, all projects benefit from a mindset of high-quality performance underpinned by a collective desire to “create a world that everyone deserves".