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Thinking in Threes


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The Autumn Statement and Public Spending Review would have blown hot and cold depending on your point of view. It gave central and local government cause for concern with continued pressure on operational budgets, but also announced and maintained significant capital project investment with schools, health, prisons, defence and infrastructure.

Value for money and innovation is at the heart of what is required to ensure clients gain maximum benefit for their investment in services and project procurement. Value in design, value in construction and value in operations. These three stages are the key focus of the UK Governments 2025 vision for construction, with the industry delivering client’s projects 50% faster, 33% cheaper and with 50% less carbon energy.

Value for money and innovation is at the heart of what is required to ensure clients gain maximum benefit for their investment in services and project procurement

Terry Stocks, Faithful + Gould

Even before the autumn statement announcements, Government had reiterated its commitment to BIM (Building Information Modelling) with a refocus on BIM project deliverables, all geared to drive better client outcomes. The Construction 2025 Industrial Strategy and the Cabinet Office strategy are much more than just BIM. Collaborative working, early supply chain engagement, Lean delivery, raising the industry profile to attract new young people, are all part of the new future. The ideals of SCAPE and its partners support the ‘New Construction’ aspirations. SCAPE is unique in its position to support the delivery of the targets, bringing benefit to our clients, the local area and to the wider industry through local employment, support of training initiatives and access to supply chains that have been procured with client value at its heart.

SCAPE and its supply chain members have the desire and ability to support clients from the conception of a project, through delivery and into operations. Working together, our clients and the SCAPE Procure regional teams can identify outcomes that really drive client benefit helping to offset operational budget pressures through cost effective value add procurement, delivery of assets that harness the ‘new construction’ initiatives, supporting client operational efficiencies with better business outcomes and lower / more effective maintenance.

Thinking in threes - SCAPE, the Client and the Supply Chain; together, deliver projects and services that are Faster, Better and bring Added Value to the Client - Local Community and our Industry. The SCAPE supply chain provides construction Professional Services - Contractors and Facilities Managers who can work together supporting delivery of industry targets and providing value added outcomes to our clients to help their budgets go further.

Terry Stocks FG

Written by:

Terry Stocks
UK Head of Public Sector - Faithful+Gould