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To many of our website users, is viewed as a valuable daily resource to learn about the complex world of public sector procurement.

Typically, we see clients view over a thousand pages on our website every single day, not just to learn about our services and support structures, but also to help them with best practice, idea generation and to seek advice.

So, it is important that we continually develop their digital experience to help make their already complex lives a little simpler.

On this basis, I’m delighted to announce the following updates:

Smart search This is a beta release that uses a powerful new search engine and we would love for you to try this out. It is still in development, but it is our aim to provide a truly world class, targeted and value-added search experience. We have now amassed thousands of useful articles from procurement experts, delivery specialists and industry commentators that need to be structured in the right way, to help our clients find what they need, quickly.

Enabling targeted search queries for every scenario does take time, so please feel free to try it out, but if you cannot find the results you are looking for, please let us know. We would really value your input into helping us to prioritise the information searches you would like to see.

Location-based search This will enable you access the information that is relevant to you, much more quickly. In the search box simply click the ‘target’ icon - this will automatically identify where you are in the country and present information and contacts that are relevant to your region.

Filters You are now able to review our case studies, news and blogs by issue or region. Therefore, if you want to look at what’s happening in HEFE or the latest construction projects in the South East, simply use the drop-down boxes at the top.

Redesigned user experience We’ve updated our navigation to enable a much more enjoyable experience across the site. This includes a reorganisation of our navigation and a clearer presentation of the services we offer.

We’ve also deployed a whole suite of aesthetic upgrades, clearer paths through to contacting us and a series of new pages that talk more about the team at SCAPE.

We’ve got a lot more in the pipeline and in early 2019, we will be pushing out new pages and functionality to really help our clients unlock the value of their assets and streamline their procurement processes. I do hope you like these upgrades and if you have any further suggestions, please do get in touch.

Matt Carrington-Moore

Chief Strategy Officer, SCAPE

Wishing all of our clients and partners a very Merry Christmas.

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