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Willmott Dixon complete award-winning recladding and refurbishment works

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East side

Gateshead Heights, a residential tower block, built in the 1960’s, required a complete overhaul including new cladding to all facades.

Gateshead Council appointed Willmott Dixon to deliver the £19.6m refurbishment of the seven high-rise tower blocks.

Procured through Major Works England and Northern Ireland, the project has created a modern and energy efficient living environment for the thousands of residents living in the 622 homes.


Willmott Dixon have used their experienced supply chain to update a range of high-rise buildings across the UK with compliant cladding that meets the new stringent facade safety regulations.

Their expertise provided Gateshead Council with a solution to an issue that presented them with many challenges, due to its nature and the risk associated with the work. The new fronting also gives residents the reassurance that their living environment is safe and meets the new requirements.

Sustainable Living

As part of the refurbishment, ground source heat pumps and Combined Heat and Power Units (CHP) have been installed. Every property in Gateshead Heights has had upgraded windows from single to double glazing which has created a more comfortable and sustainable living environment for the residents. In addition, all properties have been fitted with smart meters so that residents can effectively manage their own energy consumption and any energy not used is fed back into the grid for the council to use; delivering cost efficiencies.

Award winning community engagement

In order to successfully deliver the refurbishment of Gateshead Heights, the works had to be carried out in a live environment, so community engagement was key. Clare Lewis, resident liaison officer for Willmott Dixon has been commended for going above and beyond with her efforts, and the project recognised by Construction News Awards for the prestigious Community Engagement Project of the Year 2019.