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Actively managed frameworks

All our frameworks are actively performance-managed to provide you with assurance on the compliance, KPI delivery, and delivery of social and economic value on your projects.

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Optimising partner performance


Getting started








Before expiry





Getting started

Our direct award frameworks are optimised so that you can start your project quickly and easily.

All framework documentation is ready for you to access, and includes

  • Your mobilisation plan
  • Your guidance notes
  • Your system set up
  • Your framework templates

Each month, we will:

  • Review and analyse your framework activity to provide insights on your delivery partner’s performance, and holistically report on framework performance at a delivery partner, region, sector, client, and project level
  • Actively manage delivery partner performance on our frameworks, including risk management, at monthly governance meetings that cover a standardised agenda, and address key actions
  • Monthly reporting
  • Monthly performance management

Each quarter, we will:

  • Review and analyse our delivery partners’ performance at a senior level to ensure strategic and operational priorities are consistently aligned
  • Hold quarterly performance meetings and produce quarterly achievement reports
  • Review and manage the risk register
  • Review and manage the continuous improvement of our frameworks
  • Report to our Frameworks Board of Directors on framework performance
  • Quarterly performance meetings

  • Quarterly achievement reports
  • Actively managed risk register
  • Upward reporting to Board of Directors

Each year, we will:

  • Conduct an annual review of each delivery partner on our frameworks, ensuring that all legal requirements are both confirmed and evidenced
  • Produce an annual review statement comprising: health and safety reports, value for money evidence, audited accounts, insurance policies, warranties/undertakings, and any other relevant certification to demonstrate compliance
  • Annual review statement
  • Review of legal requirements
  • Value for money evidencing
  • Health and safety reports

Before the point of framework expiry, we will:

Undertake a detailed governance process, ensuring that all clients and delivery partners are fully compliant with the framework.

This includes

  • Ensuring all contracts are signed and stored securely
  • Ensuring delivery partners have met all of their obligations to you
  • You are informed about the upcoming expiry of the framework, and receive guidance on how you can continue to procure your projects with us

  • An assessment of the final accounts
  • Ensuring compliance at call-off

After the point of framework expiry, we will:

Manage the demobilisation and ensure all parties are clear on their roles and responsibilities during the closure of the framework, and where appropriate, during the migration to a next generation framework.

This includes

  • Reports on performance, progress, and finances
  • A lessons learned review

During re-procurement, we will:

Conduct research and development using: the framework performance reporting, a detailed review of market conditions, delivery partner feedback, market feedback, and a detailed assessment of your requirements as a client

  • Your feedback
  • Delivery partner feedback
  • Market conditions
  • Holistic research and development

Compliance support for your projects


Audit in action




Our commitment to compliance

On your behalf, we conduct on-site inspections to validate documentation, systems, and information to ensure full compliance with your framework agreement.

Our compliance responsibilities include

  • Creating an audit schedule
  • Reviewing project evidence
  • Selecting projects to audit on-site
  • Determining compliance with your framework agreement
  • Obtaining evidence
  • Challenging project arrangements
  • Issuing audit reports

Before your compliance audit, we will:

  • Review your project trackers, using a random selection to take to audit
  • Assess key project documentation for compliance with the framework agreement
  • Identify potential audit discussion points
  • Populate an audit schedule
  • Compliance with your framework agreement
  • A schedule of compliance audits

During an on-site audit, we will:

  • Discuss the projects selected for review, focusing on evidence to support key project stages, and determining your level of involvement
  • Challenge project arrangements to determine compliance
  • Discuss best practice examples, and provide support on challenging projects
  • Use the audit schedule to focus the assessment on the key framework requirements, ensuring all contractor actions are covered
  • Focus on evidence
  • Challenge and determine compliance
  • Discuss best practice

After the audit, we will:

  • Assess the evidence that supports your compliance
  • Produce a report to summarise the findings and give an overall rating of framework compliance
  • Share the reports and findings with your delivery partner and Framework Manager to highlight best practice, and implement a plan for any actions raised
  • Assess evidence
  • Produce a report
  • Share findings
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