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Better Procurement

Better Procurement

Issued: 06/07/2017

Updated: 02/04/2020

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A response to the government’s consultation on the development of an Industrial Strategy

This document has been prepared in response to the government’s Green Paper, Building our Industrial Strategy.

We share the Government’s aspirations to develop a comprehensive Industrial Strategy for the United Kingdom, which maximises the economic opportunities for every area and region of the country. We also believe that through innovative and strategic public sector procurement, central and local government can generate better project outcomes, better value for the taxpayer and a greater economic impact from public expenditure.

In this report, we have set out our response to the individual proposals within the Improving Procurement section of the Green Paper, and have suggested further ways in which the Government could encourage greater innovation, efficiency and economic outcomes through better procurement.

Each year the government spends over £268 billion on procurement. As a nation, we must seek not only to minimise waste, but to maximise the economic opportunity in every pound spent.

Mark Robinson, SCAPE chief executive

Industrial Strategy and Public Procurement