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Circular Twin

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Issued: 08/11/2021

Updated: 02/08/2023

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What happens when you put carbon before CAPEX?

The UK has ambitious targets for achieving net zero and contributing to addressing the global Climate Emergency.

This thought leadership and collaborative Research and Development project looks at ways to unlock a low-carbon future for public buildings by re-imagining the design, procurement and delivery approach.

As part of an industry-wide collaborative initiative, we joined teams from Morgan Sindall Construction, HLM Architects, Cundall and Lungfish Architects worked together to innovate a new process for designing and delivering construction projects, where reducing whole life carbon is the primary objective.

By applying lessons learned from past projects, challenging existing assumptions and utilising vertical collaboration with the whole supply chain, we have some exciting learnings to share with you. which have the potential to positively change the UK's approach to sustainable design.

SCAPE advocates that construction clients adopt the environmental standards which have been identified to respond to the climate emergency, which mirror those applied in the Circular Twin project. “Any part of a project team basing decisions on cost alone is inhibiting low carbon construction. We need to find a better way forward, and ensure carbon is considered an integral part of our decision making hierarchy.

Chris Clarke

Director of performance and improvement, SCAPE

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Discover our approach to sustainability

In the face of a worldwide climate emergency, we must work together to create and maintain net zero assets that will protect our environment, and we’re committed to driving industry best practice.