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National Framework details

Direct award public sector frameworks designed to accelerate your essential projects and deliver them to the highest possible standard.

England, Wales & Northern Ireland

Up to £7.5m

£7.5m - £75m



Expires January 2027

Venture Framework details

We provide a simple, compliant procurement route for local authority-owned private companies, charitable bodies, joint venture partnerships and special purpose vehicles.

England, Wales & Northern Ireland

Up to £7.5m

£7.5m - £75m



Expires April 2027

MACE Royal Shakespeare Trafford
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Net zero carbon business

since 2020

The Climate Pledge


Mace is an international construction company and consultancy founded with a clear mission to continuously pursue a better way.

It’s part of their unique DNA and it guides everything they do. Their teams work on many of the world’s most inspiring buildings and infrastructure projects and programmes – from Olympic parks and iconic skyscrapers to state-of-the-art public sector buildings, hospitals and homes.

They believe in creating places that are responsible, bringing transformative impact to people, communities and societies. Reducing carbon footprint. Protecting biodiversity. Adapting to growing populations and changing lifestyles. Creating a society where every individual is valued and able to thrive.

SCAPE’s frameworks are designed to support the public sector to achieve better project outcomes and their team will be on hand to offer advice and support from day one, to ensure quality and performance is built in from the very beginning.


One of Mace's key priorities is to pursue a sustainable world and to become a leading global contributor to reducing carbon in the built environment. In 2020, they achieved their goal to be a net zero carbon business.

Mace support SCAPE in delivering and exceeding its sustainability goals and pledge to achieve net zero carbon construction delivery, operational efficiencies and maximise social value on every project. Leading the way through innovation, transformation and embedded service excellence in everything they do, they aim to create a lasting legacy for all to benefit.

"SCAPE Consultancy Place Shaping has been designed to respond to the challenge of achieving sustainable development. Fully performance managed, the framework offers a unique and specialist suite of strategic advisory services that help the public sector solve their challenges and create exceptional outcomes. As the sole supplier on the SCAPE Consultancy Place Shaping framework, we are delighted to be at the frontline of supporting the growth and regeneration of our communities, helping the public sector create quality places for people to live, work and enjoy for the future. Sustainable development is at the core of our approach, and we will partner with you to meet your Net Zero Carbon objectives and leave a lasting legacy on every project we deliver."

Louise Suggett

Operations Director | Mace

Weston library Oxford

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Why SCAPE procurement?

Designed with a clear sustainability mandate and incorporating financial, environmental and social measures, our frameworks are the embodiment of responsible procurement. Our team will ensure:

  • Responsible and compliant procurement

  • Actively-managed frameworks

  • Project risk and legal support

  • Value-for-money and sustainable outcomes

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