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Our fees: ensuring value for money

We’re committed to ensuring you receive the best experience on every project.

Each project commissioned through our frameworks includes a management fee, to invest in the active management of our frameworks and the ongoing development of our internal systems, processes and resources.

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About our fees

We do not charge any fee to our clients for accessing our frameworks. Whilst a Framework Management Fee is due to us on every project, this is charged to the delivery partner and incorporated by them within their tendered fee percentages. Our actively managed frameworks offer great value with larger projects being subjected to lower fees. Our fees range from 0.05% - 3% across consultancy, civil engineering and construction. Any surplus we make goes back into the public sector via our six local authority shareholders.

Our fees are used to:

  • Manage your frameworks – your framework manager and our performance teams work with you to ensure your project is a success.
  • Optimise the performance of your frameworks – our performance teams continually monitor your project and delivery partner, against your framework commitments.
  • Reprocure the SCAPE frameworks – procuring a framework can cost approximately £250,000 per procurement.
  • Invest in new products and services to drive further efficiencies – we explore ways to help you address your challenges in procurement.
  • Invest in local communities – we ensure social value is delivered on each of your projects, we provide careers guidance and work experience opportunities, as well as ongoing support for charities and social enterprises.

Value for money in our frameworks

Across all our frameworks, each of our delivery partners are ready to give you dedicated, strategic advice on the evaluation, design, delivery and maintenance of your assets, infrastructure and estate.

All our frameworks:

  • include a clear scope of services, schedule of fees, and rates
  • provide distinct service provisions which can be used separately or jointly by you
  • guarantee an experienced team, with public sector knowledge and local delivery
  • collate significant volumes of works, and procure on both cost and quality, to create the Most Economically Advantageous Tenders (MEAT)
  • utilise a bulk buying methodology to provide economically advantageous rates to you
  • are 100% market-tested, harnessing the buying power of the cumulative framework value, with point-of-delivery market testing
  • feature early contractor involvement on brief development, budget costing, project programming and buildability provided at viability stage, at no cost
  • provide for continuity of personnel across repeat projects and programmes of work, enabling lessons learnt and continuous improvement to be captured and applied
  • enable our partners to invest in dedicated national management team which bring continued efficiency, improvement, and innovation

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