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We're a dedicated procurement organisation

Effective procurement, every step of the way

We're a dedicated procurement organisation with skills to deliver your built environment procurement compliantly, efficiently, collaboratively and effectively.

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Effective framework procurement

Our procurement follows best practice in line with the latest Cabinet Office guidance (PPN 03/23), including: PAS 91, the Selection Questionnaire (SQ), and the Common Assessment Standard (CAS).

Firstly, we conduct in-depth customer and market research to define our framework requirements and to inform the business case. We allow potential suppliers to engage with us to collectively define how an economically viable framework might be structured, and to stimulate demand for competition. Once the framework design has been agreed, a Prior Information Notice (PIN) will be issued to seek interested parties.

We host a series of market awareness days, inviting prospective delivery partners to learn about our expectations for the framework. At this point, potential bidders can request individual clarification meetings with our team.

Procured via a two-stage ‘restricted’ process, our frameworks comply with Regulation 28 of the Public Contracts (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) Regulations 2015, and Regulation 29 of the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2015. The Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) and Invitation To Tender (ITT) submissions are assessed by a team consisting of SCAPE personnel, external sector experts and client representatives.

Supply chain management and resilience

We aim to lock value into every cost element on every project.

Our competitive framework tender process allows us to fix may of the associated costs. Fees, competitive pre-construction staff costs, construction phase staff rates and NEC Fees are all pre-agreed. Our process operates at scale to unlock economies not available on single project tenders or through mini competitions.

When considering supply chain costs, our process allows individual work package elements to be competitively tendered in the live marketplace. For civil engineering and construction projects, this accounts for the largest area of spend on projects. To ensure you have visibility of the entire supply chain, our market-testing of works packages is open for inspection and audit at any time.

Our free viability studies add even more value for you, alongside our active framework management – meaning we’re with you every step of the way.

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The value of our direct award approach

Our direct award approach enables clients to compliantly and immediately engage with the best delivery partners to accelerate your project, confident that we have fulfilled all procurement regulatory requirements.

With frameworks spanning four or more years, we develop long-term relationships which generate commercially advantageous rates whilst supporting you to deliver projects that have a positive impact within the community. These long-term partnerships also allow you to return and access the same delivery partner for multiple schemes or programmes of activity which can drive enhanced value and increased speed of delivery.

Our project process supports progress through stages of design and delivery whilst ensuring you have full visibility and control of their projects and budgets. We create clear responsibilities and expectations for activity at every stage.

Project discussions around defining value and any outcome-based requirements are recorded at each stage, ensuring the team are working towards shared goals. Project budgets, programmes and risks are identified collaboratively and with your full visibility to ensure confidence and certainty of delivery.

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