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Recommended Project Environmental Standards

Context and purpose

These Recommended Project Environmental Standards should be read alongside SCAPE’s Environmental Sustainability Policy.

SCAPE recognises that every project is unique, and that every client has project-specific criteria, sustainability ambitions and policies which must always be the focus for the delivery team. The ambitions of every client should be identified and agreed in a Project Sustainability Strategy, with suitable objectives set. National and regional planning guidance varies significantly and SCAPE has not attempted to address every eventuality, but to focus on a core set of common standards.

These standards are designed to offer clients and project delivery teams routes to identify the outcomes-focussed project objectives that enable the decarbonisation of the UK’s infrastructure and building stock, promote the reduction of waste and increasing circularity in the use of materials and encourage a wider focus on environmental sustainability and enhancement during project initiation, strategy and delivery.

The standards represent those we believe are required in projects to secure a genuinely sustainable future. We believe the promotion of these standards is essential, and we will select our supply chain partners for their capability to deliver to these standards and develop our own capabilities to do the same.

SCAPE does not directly align itself or endorse any one professional industry body over others. We have however undertaken a comprehensive review of the existing external standards and approaches available, and we believe those selected represent the best and most straightforward to adopt. We are pleased to have been able to share the development and content of these recommended standards during development with our industry-leading delivery partners and our respected peers at BRE and the UK Green Building Council.

Sustainability considerations are continuously evolving. These standards will be regularly reviewed, updated and published, and we welcome feedback to develop the scope and level of these targets over time.

As part of our Sustainability Action Plan, we will monitor and report on the level of adoption of these standards across projects delivered through SCAPE’s frameworks

Download our Recommended Project Environmental Standards