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SCAPE Better for local communities

SCAPE's Hilary Carter, John Simons and Chris Clarke discuss how the new Construction framework will benefit your local community and economy.

In a world that’s seen significant and rapid change in recent years, priorities for your public sector funded projects have shifted focus to ensure that these vital amenities are built back better with social value in mind; that they help the economy, have a positive social impact, and reduce the environmental demands made by older buildings.

Putting communities and environments at the core of each project, right from inception, is the key tenet of the next-generation SCAPE Construction framework. Like you, we believe in creating tangible benefits to the people around us – not just for the duration of the project, but as part of a long-term, sustainable legacy.

We’re moving social value on, SCAPE is looking to create long term tangible benefits.

John Simons, acting group procurement director

We believe in the power of supporting people. By creating confidence in future work, local small businesses can be confident to invest in training, apprenticeships and employment opportunities, benefiting the local community and economy.

Through our frameworks, via our delivery partners, we want to empower you to help your local community be healthier, happier, and safer.

We exist to help address your local challenges

We exist to help you create benefits within your community

We exist to help you bring your community together

We exist to help you provide opportunities that improve lives

We exist to help the construction industry and beyond to drive responsible and ethical behaviours, including creating equal opportunities

We exist to help support a circular economy, keeping your spend local

Our direct award SCAPE Construction framework promotes project collaboration from inception to completion and beyond. Fully compliant and performance managed, projects are delivered to ensure efficiency, taxpayer value and targetted local economic enrichment, whilst supporting the UK’s net-zero ambitions.