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Brexit and the demand for public services


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Today, it is more important than ever to work together to forge new pathways to success.

Importantly, there has been a proactive response with a retained ambition from across the public sector. Still in the grips of the last financial crisis, teams are well equipped to ask the right questions and influence the forward agenda.

Our colleagues are already seeking assurances that EU funding for critical, growth-boosting projects will be protected. There are calls to ensure that the devolution agenda is not derailed, as it has a fundamental role in balancing the national economy, as well as strengthening regional prosperity and sustainability.

Demand for places to live, learn, work and play will continue, with the UK population anticipated to surpass 70 million in 12 years’ time, according to ONS. The events of the last few days have not altered the priorities of the public sector – it must continue to manage and improve community facilities, upgrade our essential national infrastructure and secure investors in order to deliver quality local services and stimulate local economic growth.

These demands must be met and SCAPE will continue to play an active role in helping the public sector to achieve its primary objectives.

The need for a procurement model that achieves certainty, as well as time and cost efficiency will remain. We are confident that our approach allows the public sector to achieve this.


SCAPE has worked with the public sector to deliver more than £390 million of savings over the last decade, with 95% of projects delivered on time and 99% on budget.

We have seen the public sector accomplish great things during this time – the creative use of assets that have stimulated additional sources of income, the delivery of eye catching, efficient and well managed new facilities, new homes and public facilities, countless school places and the improvement of infrastructure that has helped to keep Britain moving.

These projects have been enhanced with significant local training opportunities, community engagement initiatives and an ongoing focus on acting in an environmentally responsible way.

Through the volume of activity that our clients have directed towards our frameworks and services, our delivery partners have attracted a sustainable pipeline, which in turn has allowed them to nurture a committed, expansive, knowledgeable and economically active local supply chain.

As the incoming Prime Minister leads the negotiation to secure a robust post-Brexit position for the United Kingdom, SCAPE and our delivery partners remain committed to helping the public sector address the challenges it faces, both now and in the future.