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Celebrating our continuing partnership

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G F Tomlinson and SCAPE | Celebrating our continuing partnership

Since 2009, G F Tomlinson and SCAPE have worked in partnership to deliver 480 local projects across the East Midlands through their regional frameworks; empa, empaii and the Regional Construction framework.

To celebrate our continued partnership, we have produced a report highlighting our framework success, project performance, client relationships, KPI performance, partner collaboration with Arc Partnership and Lungfish Architects, as well as our social value creation and environmental enhancement.


Our public sector clients have repeatedly placed their trust in us to deliver projects which provide vital public services from schools and housing to community hubs and council offices, all through SCAPE’s dedicated OJEU-compliant regional frameworks.

Our collaborative, community-focused delivery has resulted in high client satisfaction levels, award-winning projects, generation of positive community impacts and long-term client relationships spanning more than 10 years.

An example of this is our relationship with Lincolnshire County Council which dates back to 2010.

We have delivered more than £18.5m of projects in the region with a number of projects currently on site and in the pipeline as our relationship continues to flourish. The Council appoint us through the framework as it enables continual open discussion and planning, bringing a range of benefits to their projects.

To further strengthen outcomes, we invest in regular client training. Our recent NEC Contract Workshops with Nottingham City Council and East Lindsey District Council, for example, provide training and discussions on the form of contract used for framework projects. Covering collaborative processes and scenarios for Early Warnings, Compensation Events along with client-contractor relationship and responsibilities, the workshops dispel any misconceptions and help client teams understand the wide range of benefits this brings to projects and programmes of work.

Earlier this year, we launched our Local Communities Partnership Programme; to find a regional not-for-profit organisation to support in the delivery of an impactful community project. We are now supporting the successful organisation, Treetops Hospice in Nottinghamshire, with essential improvement works to its grounds and staff accommodation with the help of our partners Perfect Circle and Arc Partnership. The project will benefit the patients, staff, volunteers and local community for years to come.

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We understand that the process of construction has an impact on the environment, and in all of our operations we are conscious of this and strive to protect, preserve and enhance the communities in which we work. We deliver all projects in a way that minimises negative impact of harm from construction activities, and building use, focusing on three stages:

Our business activities
Construction of buildings
Operation of buildings

We work to be as energy efficient as possible and have introduced hybrid and electric cars, increasing our use of these vehicles by 225% and saving 9.71 tonnes of C02 with low emission vehicles.

We work to reduce waste, monitor energy and water usage and protect biodiversity.

We work with designers and our supply chain to enable clients to make smart and informed decisions about the selection of materials, to reduce the impact of the building in operation.

We have completed two modular housing schemes in the last year for South Kesteven District Council and Mansfield District Council.

The use of modular construction provided innovative ‘ready-built’ homes, which are the first of their kind in these areas, and generate significant environmental benefits compared to traditional methods.

Modular homes are constructed in a way that ensures they require 20% less energy to heat than standard homes, and they also cost less to maintain in the future too.

5.57 tonnes of CO2 are saved with these developments than traditionally built housing schemes and we hope these modular properties will be setting standards to other developers to follow suit by investing in greener alternatives to housing.

We have a relationship with East Midlands Wood Recycling - the VCSE organisation collects and reuses waste timber from sites in the most environmentally beneficial way, whilst creating jobs and training for disadvantaged people. Through this relationship we have redirected 198 tonnes of timber waste from our projects.

We continue to invest in training and awareness for our staff and supply chain. This includes learning pathways through the Supply Chain Sustainability School, CITB Site Managers Environmental Training Scheme and Carbon Literacy Training.

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Social Value

We understand the pressures on our clients to make every public pound go further and deliver more to support the citizens of the communities we work in. We go beyond metrics to leave a positive local legacy and improve the lives of young people with enriching and educational opportunities.

Since 2018, we have generated £24.5m of social value through the Regional Construction framework projects. Within that, we have supported over 30,000 jobs, providing 2,719 apprentice weeks, 111 work experience placements and engaging with 6,375 students. We have also maintained 100% engagement with local SMEs across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Staffordshire.

In 2020, The Tower Gardens Pavilion scheme in Skegness, delivered through the framework for our new client Skegness Town Council in partnership with Perfect Circle, won the acclaimed RICS Social Impact Award in the Leisure Category recognising the schemes positive impact on both residents and visitors to the area.

In January 2021 we secured the Gold CSR accreditation in recognition of our excellence in social responsibility.

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