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Delivering Better Outcomes by applying Construction Playbook policies

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Willmott Dixon was honoured to be part of the #ABetterWay | Delivering Better Outcomes webinar with SCAPE.

Sitting alongside an exceptional panel including Kevin Kendall, Assistant Director Corporate Property for Lincolnshire County Council and one of the UKs leading construction industry lawyer’s Rebecca Rees, Partner – Head of Public Procurement from Trowers and Hamlins, we were able to share some great insights into what the Construction Playbook means to our customers.

As a contractor on the SCAPE Construction framework, we need to ensure that the Construction Playbook is part of everything we do - from mobilisation and managing projects, to performance reporting and learning; ensuring that we can digitise as much of the construction process as physically possible. With our industry leading “Now or Never” Strategy, alignment to UN Sustainable Development Goals and ensuring that we are compliant with the government's new social value model and the Green Book, we can support our customers to meet the government's Net Zero carbon targets ahead of their deadlines.

By working closely with our customers and encouraging the publication of pipelines, we're able to engage with the supply chain earlier, enabling the best innovation, digitisation and efficiencies within a project's pre-construction, construction and lifespan, from concept to completion. By building these vital relationships and collaborating with partners, customers and SCAPE, we can deliver exceptional project outcomes that benefit whole communities, together.

Thank you to the panel of experts;

Our key takeaways from the session:

Driving efficiencies
Driving early engagement
Driving better outcomes

The government is tired of being driven down routes that are not necessarily right for them by consultants and contractors. The Playbook has been introduced to break this pattern by bringing the focus back on the government and local authorities with regards to what public money is spent on. It brings a focus on the community it serves, and on programmes of work which are more effective and drive efficiencies through the construction process.

Our most effective projects are ones where we have lived, worked and breathed the customer's key drivers, internal agendas and community initiatives. Where we have built a team around our customer and supported them as early as possible through pre-feasibility, helping with their outline business cases and funding applications, or masterplanning for future regeneration.

Our team is made up of sector, funding and construction experts who are readily available and easily accessible to our customers.

As part of #TeamSCAPE, it's good for our customers to make use of these professionals as early on as possible within a project or programme of works. By doing so, they can make informed decisions, and engage with the supply chain very early on, ensuring that they understand the market demand and can adapt accordingly. As 90% of the project spend is with our supply chain partners, it is crucial to involve them as early as possible, especially so with the current uncertainty around materials and labour in the UK. It is our job as contractors to co-ordinate innovation and best practice across the supply chain. At Willmott Dixon, we remain very close to our supply chain partners, building strong relationships over many years to support the success of the projects we deliver and bring about the best outcomes to our customers and their communities.

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This is not just about avoiding another Carillion, this is an opportunity for better results across the industry, for the planet we inhabit, and for our future generations.“

Leanne Day

Framework Manager, Willmott Dixon

"The Construction Playbook arms us as a contractor, SCAPE as a procurement vehicle, and the customers we serve, to look at the issues over the coming years and really make a difference. It’s not just about the cost and the bottom line anymore. It’s about the lasting legacy that our buildings leave behind to the communities they serve."

#ABetterWay | Delivering Better Outcomes

Written by:

Leanne Day
SCAPE national framework manager