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SCAPE becomes the first public sector body to adopt the Common Assessment Standard


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SCAPE has become the first public sector body following publication of Procurement Policy Note (PPN) 03/23 to adopt the Common Assessment Standard for its pre-qualification requirements - not only joining a growing list of major contractors and clients specifying the standard for their supply chains, but also simplifying the selection process in procurement for the public sector.

About the Common Assessment Standard

Issued by the Cabinet Office in response to calls from Build UK and its members, PPN 03/23 updates the pre-qualification requirement for central Government departments and wider public sector bodies, meaning they can now use the Common Assessment Standard to pre-qualify suppliers for construction works contracts, rather than PAS 91.

Developed by Build UK, the Common Assessment Standard raises the bar in assessing the competence of the construction supply chain. It has two levels - desktop and site-based - allowing companies to apply for the appropriate level dependent on their trade, size, and the requirements of their public and private sector clients.

Currently available from any one of the Recognised Assessment Bodies, the Common Assessment Standard delivers on the commitment in the Construction Sector Deal for a standardised pre-qualification process and was recommended for use in the public sector by Professor David Mosey as part of his independent review of frameworks to “reduce waste and duplication [and] creat[e] efficiency savings for clients and industry”.

SCAPE Group Procurement Director John Simons said:

“Being able to use the Common Assessment Standard is a significant step forward in the simplification of the selection process for the public sector. Its use will not only de-risk elements of the process, but also enable public sector organisations to focus on project specific requirements for those firms who have already met the standard. The Common Assessment Standard will effectively standardise the selection process for the construction supply chain as only one annual assessment will be required in order to gain access to valuable opportunities.”

Build UK Deputy Chief Executive Jo Fautley said:

We are delighted that SCAPE has joined organisations across the industry using the Common Assessment Standard. With pre-qualification costing the industry up to £1 billion each year, the efficiency savings offered by the Common Assessment Standard are more important than ever in the current market, and PPN 03/23 means that projects and programmes across the public sector can also now benefit from a reduction in duplication of time, effort and resources.