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We provide a simple, compliant procurement route for local authority-owned private companies, charitable bodies, joint venture partnerships and special purpose vehicles.

England, Wales, Northern Ireland & East Midlands and East of England

£0 - £10m

£7.5m - £100m


Expires July 2025

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Wates is the UK’s leading family-owned development, building and property maintenance company.

Founded over 125 years ago, Wates know about the built environment. Its team partner with a wide range of public and private sector customers and partners to create the places, communities and businesses of tomorrow.



Reimagining Places for People to Thrive:

Where we live, work, and play can have a profound impact on all of our lives. That’s why the Wates purpose is reimagining places for people to thrive.

Wates have a long-standing commitment to safety, quality and social value. In the face of growing pressures on our communities and our planet, Wates want to do more. Therefore, from how they run the business, to how they develop, build and maintain spaces, they’re making three promises – to create thriving places, a thriving planet and thriving people.

Wates will build on what they do best. Doing the right thing by people and putting them at the heart of how they reimagine the built environment.

Wates' promises

  • Thriving Places - Working with customers, partners and communities to create places that are more sustainable, inclusive, and full of opportunity

  • Thriving Planet - Protecting nature and taking action on climate change by collaborating and innovating with our partners.

  • Thriving People - Creating opportunities and relationships so that everyone who works for and with Wates feels included, invested in and treated with care.

Investing in our communities

Family values are at the heart of what Wates do. The team care about their people, partners, and the communities where we work. Wates approach is rooted in the belief that how we do business is as important as what we do. Our programmes and activities are focused on challenging inequality in society; inspiring and educating young people about built environment careers; and supporting and scaling the social enterprise sector.

In 2023 Wates generated £225m of social value.

Social value

At Wates, they believe that the creation of social value in the communities where we work is as important as the construction of buildings and infrastructure. Their ambition is to embed social value within every project we work on.

In 2020, Wates launched their five-year social value strategy: Creating Opportunities. The strategy has three key areas of focus, each with its own ambitious set of targets. These are: challenging inequality; inspiring and educating young people about the built environment sector; and supporting and scaling up social enterprises.

Wates focus on these three areas helps people understand and access the high quality opportunities the sector offers, right across the country.

By focusing on those who might face the greatest barriers to prosperity and actively supporting small businesses that deliver social value alongside financial value, Wates aim to multiply our own social contribution.

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"We look for a better way in everything we do."

Through new technology and innovation, Wates create better, safer, and more sustainable buildings to enhance lives. It's always seeking innovative solutions to address customer needs and adapt to a changing world.

For Wates, innovation is more than the application of new technology, but also the exploration of better systems, processes, and business models.

The Wates Coventry-based Prism facility, produced around 3,000 off-site modules in 2022, saving 200,000 on-site work hours.

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The UK’s built environment is responsible for 25% of its greenhouse gas emissions, so it’s more important than ever that we take on the challenge of making our sector more sustainable.

From building net-zero schools, to retrofitting social housing, Wates' work is helping the country to decarbonise. Their team are committed to becoming a net zero carbon company and are working to eliminate Scope 1 and 2 carbon and waste from their business operations to become ‘net nature positive’. Wates is also collaborating with customers and suppliers to achieve reductions in Scope 3 emissions in response to rapidly developing customer demands as the net zero agenda becomes ever more important.

45% Reduction in Scope 1 & 2 emissions against a 2019 baseline.

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Why SCAPE procurement?

Designed with a clear sustainability mandate and incorporating financial, environmental and social measures, our frameworks are the embodiment of responsible procurement. Our team will ensure:

  • Responsible and compliant procurement

  • Actively-managed frameworks

  • Project risk and legal support

  • Value-for-money and sustainable outcomes

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