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Get started with your net zero strategy


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On the road to net zero, where do you start? Carbon reduction doesn't need to feel overwhelming for the public sector. Here are our top tips for starting your decarbonisation journey on the road to net zero.

1. Know your estate

When putting together your net zero carbon strategy, the first step is to understand the carbon footprint of your existing estate. Answer two key questions: how much energy do your buildings use now, and how energy efficient is your estate?

2. Plan and strategise

On your carbon reduction journey, how do you get from where you are, to where you want to be? Adopt recommended standards across your essential projects as a starting point.

3. Take interventions

Can you retrofit your public estate progressively with small interventions? Develop a baseline energy use profile of your estate. Undertake professional building surveys and evaluate project delivery risks such as asbestos or structural integrity.

4. Set targets

Calculate the specific building performance you want to achieve. Setting building performance and whole life carbon targets will motivate not only your team, but also the project supply chain.

5. Focus on delivery

Working in silos will slow down your aim of achieving net zero. Putting your project team together at the earliest stage allows you to take advantage of early contractor engagement, and cut carbon by over 70%.

Optimise your procurement for decarbonisation

Procurement authorities have a responsibility to drive the standards in achieving net zero in the built environment. At SCAPE, we're proud to be the only procurement authority to have achieved the Cambridge Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction's Carbon Reduction Code CHAMPION status - demonstrating our commitment to helping you achieve carbon reduction, now.